It doesn't matter how slow youu go as long as you don't stop..
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Janel Parrish & Val - Samba - DWTS 19 (Week 6)

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somebody stepped inside your soul. somebody stepped inside your s o u l.
little by little they robbed and s t o l e. ‘til someone else was in c o n t r o l.

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Important Dates for #PrettyLittleLiars Fans!!

Sunday, October 10th during the airing of Hunger Games a Sneak Peek of the Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special that due to air in December.

Tuesday, October 21st during ABC Family’s 13 nights of Halloween, a Pretty Little Liars fan-appreciation episode titled ‘We Love You to Death’ airing 8/9E or 8/7C.

December, a first ever Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special will air during ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas

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